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Dr. Anupam Sen

I am very glad to hear that a college named South Asian Coll...

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Prof. Abu Bakr Siddique, FCMA

Chittagong is a place of long history and heritage. In spite of having a great contribution in the e...

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Md. Didarul Alam

I, who have already spent a large scale of time including fo...

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Terms & Condition

  • 1. 90% attendance mandatory.
  • 2. Without any prior permission no one is allowed to be absent. If otherwise a fine of Tk. 50 to is applicable.
  • 3. No asset of college is subject to any damage. Students liable to this act will be fined for the same.
  • 4. Students are not expected to do any change /damage/losing of the laptops given from the college. If found he/she will be fined fixed/set by college.
  • 5. Attending all exam/tests is mandatory.
  • 6. Any student found copying in the exam hall may be rusticated.
  • 7. No students are to violate any rules of the college, write on the college walls or benches, involve in fighting or politics. If found guilty of these acts will/may face instant rustication.
  • 8. Eve teasing is strictly prohibited. No one is to show any imprudent behavior with one another.
  • 9. Students should clear all dues/fees in time. Otherwise will count delay fine.
  • 10. It is a politics and smoking free campus. So students found smoking or engaged in politics will be rusticated.
  • 11. In campus college uniform and ID cards are to be followed strictly.
  • 12. Any particulars submitted to college can only be withdrawn according to the rules of the board.
  • 13. 40% marks is mandatory in term exam.
  • 14. No student will take any decision for any unexpected events.
  • 15. Decision taken by college is final and irrevocable.
  • 16. Student must not lallygag at or around Chawk Bazar

Laptop/Tab For Students