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Dr. Anupam Sen

I am very glad to hear that a college named South Asian Coll...

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Prof. Abu Bakr Siddique, FCMA

Chittagong is a place of long history and heritage. In spite of having a great contribution in the e...

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Md. Didarul Alam

I, who have already spent a large scale of time including fo...

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Significant Aspects of Teaching

  • 1. Teaching according to the academic calendar: in this system the two year syllabus will be divided into six terms according to the academic calendar having three terms in each year. The term plan includes the chapters set according to the number of classes in each term.
  • 2. Lesson plan: each class will be taken pragmatically and minutely according to the pre-planned lesson plan. What and how the teacher will teach and evaluate in the class will be mentioned in his lesson plan.
  • 3. Lecture sheet: lecture sheets will be provided beforehand so that the students get a pre-idea. In this lecture sheet important questions on a particular chapter will be set. This will make the lesson easy to understand the next day.
  • 4. Standard handouts: students will be provided with A+ standard notes. They can then make his own notes using his merit and creativity.
  • 5. Suggestion and solution: a final suggestion before the board exam will be provided targeting 100% common in the exam. There will be solve classes on the basis of suggestion.
  • 6. Coaching class/group study program: in addition to regular classes there will be coaching classes as an alternative to private coaching for the weaker and meritorious students. Taking part in group study program is mandatory.
  • 7. Audio-visual teaching system: besides traditional teaching system there will be projector, computer, CD, VCD to deliver lectures. Diversity in teaching makes learning fun and attractive. Slow learners are benefitted through this process and it gets effective and longer lasting.
  • 8. Alternative classes: when regular classes are hampered by hartal or natural disasters, there will be make-up classes later on.
  • 9. Practical classes: to make the lessons taught in the classes more effective in real life students will have first-hand experience in the practical classes. In this process teaching will get a new shape. In this respect South Asian College is going to introduce a new trend in education. South Asian College is determined to provide a world class and modern teaching.
  • 10. Class teacher and guide teacher: there will be one class teacher for every class. Under him there will be one guide teacher for every 10 students. They will monitor all their problems try to solve their problems instantly. There will be award on the highest presence recorded. It will be presented in the annual prize giving ceremony.

Laptop/Tab For Students