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Dr. Anupam Sen

I am very glad to hear that a college named South Asian Coll...

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Prof. Abu Bakr Siddique, FCMA

Chittagong is a place of long history and heritage. In spite of having a great contribution in the e...

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Md. Didarul Alam

I, who have already spent a large scale of time including fo...

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  • Dr. Anupam Sen
    left aligned image Dr. Anupam Sen
    Vice chancellor
    Premier University

    I am very glad to hear that a college named South Asian College Chittagong has been established. It is an intermediate college having classes eleven and twelve. The entrepreneurs of this college spoke high of its multimedia classroom, Animation, Games, Puzzles, White board touch screen etc. The student teacher ratio is also praiseworthy-one teacher is for ten students. What I expect from them is that it will not only a technologically advanced college but also the authority will have a keen sight in the development of the teachers. This sort of enterprise is time befitting and good news. A country of 16 million people must have a standard education system. Only a true and time befitting education can turn the population into a human resource. South Asian College Chittagong has taken an initiative to turn them into a resource and I thank them for their endeavor. I wish them all the success.

  • Prof. Abu Bakr Siddique, FCMA
    left aligned image Prof. Abu Bakr Siddique, FCMA
    Chairman, South Asian College Chittagong
    Executive Director, GPH Group
    Ex-CEO, Chittagong Stock Exchange

    Chittagong is a place of long history and heritage. In spite of having a great contribution in the economy of the country, the students here are lagging behind due to lack of technology based modern and standard education. Coming out of the traditional system (Note, Guide, Private tuition, Coaching, Suggestion etc), an exceptional institute, South Asian College Chittagong is the first digital college in Chittagong established at the heart of Chittagong and education zone Chawk Bazar to render quality education and creative practice in the classroom, so that the students can study with the minimum expenses. We want to present you such an institute where your child will learn with fun and will become an ideal. We expect your cordial assistance in this regard.

  • Md. Didarul Alam
    left aligned image Prof. Didarul Alam
    Principal, South Asian College Chittagong
    Ex Principal, Hulain Saleh Noor Degree College
    Cell: 01952100900

    I, who have already spent a large scale of time including eight years as the Principal at Hulain Saleh Noor Degree College, on my retirement, thought of spending the rest of the days at home, but couldn’t resist myself from responding to the call of a bunch of dedicated and skilled teachers of South Asian College Chittagong. I was overwhelmed to see South Asian College Chittagong a completely digitalized and modern institute. So, I couldn’t help joining this extraordinary platform. From my experience, I definitely dare to say that no other college in Bangladesh has as scientific and digitalized system as South Asian College Chittagong has. This unique college provides its students with Digital Version of Text Books, WiFi Campus, Multimedia Classroom, Automation and Biometric Solution and Daily SMS Alter for the convenience of the guardians to keep contact with the activities of their children. Finally, I would like to say with my confidence that South Asian College Chittagong is going to trace a milestone in the arena of education in Bangladesh.

  • Dr. Muhammad Saleh Jahur
    left aligned image Dr. Muhammad Saleh Jahur
    Professor and Chairman
    Finance and Banking Dept
    Chittagong University

    In this age of globalization, there is no alternative to technology based digital education system to survive in the challenge of global education system. In spite of being the commercial capital of Bangladesh it is lagging behind day by day owing to the lack of world class digital education system. I am very happy to know the inception of a college named South Asian College Chittagong with the maximum use of information technology. SACC will contribute to a large extent in rendering world class education. We don't see any positive changes in the field of education because of no involvement of honest, talented and skilled personnel’s to establish this sort of institutes. That's why we couldn't create a skilled human resource. We failed for we yet don't have a standard education system. To raise the present level of education to a world class standard, the digitally skilled class should come forward. If the newly established private institutes can ensure the evaluation of the teachers, many talented young teachers will be encouraged to join this profession. Besides, teaching with digital contents will make the class more interesting and it will make the learners interested to learning. In this way they will not only make a good result but also help them acquire true knowledge. I believe South Asian College Chittagong will earn name and fame by using information technology.

  • Prof. Md Humayun Kabir
    left aligned image Prof. Md Humayun Kabir
    Ex Principal, Govt. Haji Muhammad Mohsin College
    Ex Inspector of colleges
    Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Chittagong

    To meet the challenge of 21st Century it is not possible to strengthen the foundation of the economy of a country and reach the culmination of success with the pace of the traditional education system. So on the basis of my long 31 years of experience in govt. colleges and different administrative posts, I have attached myself with a group of young, energetic and talented youths of Chittagong READ Foundation with a view to establishing the first digital college in Chittagong that seeks to build a poverty free, happy and prosperous nation full of human values. I earnestly seek everybody's cooperation to render our services to all walks of life.

  • MD. Abdullah-Al-Mamun
    left aligned image MD. Abdullah-Al-Mamun
    CEO, South Asian College Chittagong
    Secretary, Chittagong READ Foundation

    The first digital college under Chittagong READ Foundation at Chawk Bazar the education zone-South Asian College Chittagong has started its journey with a view to making learning easy, interesting and technology based. We are trying to create a learning friendly environment. In our AC classrooms we have arrangements for Interactive Whiteboard, Multimedia Projector and Other digital education facilities that make learning more interesting. We don’t think of education as a business rather a social responsibility. You will be glad to know that a large position of the revenue is spent on poor but meritorious student. Besides this, there is an avenue for the honorable teachers, children of freedom fighters. This is our little endeavour to make your child a patriot endowed with own culture and values. That we will get you by us in our journey is our sincere hope.

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