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Dr. Anupam Sen

I am very glad to hear that a college named South Asian Coll...

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Prof. Abu Bakr Siddique, FCMA

Chittagong is a place of long history and heritage. In spite of having a great contribution in the e...

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Md. Didarul Alam

I, who have already spent a large scale of time including fo...

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Modern Digital Education system

The world is growing fast with the touch of modern technologies. In the era of globalisation we cannot but comply with the globalised world. We know technologies have great impact on education system proven in the developed countries. Bangladesh can also enjoy the benefits of technologies in education sector. South Asian College Chittagong came forward with a view to materialising digital technologies in education system. It has introduced the use of technologies, available so far or possible, in providing education to the students. The system can be taken as a role model for other institutions.

The system goes in compliance with the system of foreign countries. In most cases or places, students do not feel the interested to go to college and consequently run after coaching centers that totally goes against our national education system / objectives. Most of the institutions actually failed to draw the students towards schools or colleges. If we could build an atmosphere of interest, pleasure in the classroom, the students definitely would attend and enjoy the class instead of heading towards coaching centers. We have surveyed that the presence in the class in our college is much higher than other institutions. They come to college willingly and don’t require any further coaching outside the college. We believe in Reading for Pleasure. Keeping this in mind we have arranged for video classes, games, puzzles, WiFi internet, indoor games, sometimes outdoor, cultural and extra curricular activities.

Universalization of Education:

We believe that education is for all irrespective of poverty and wealth. It is in our scheme that half of the affluent students will pay and the poor but meritorious rest will study for free.

Waiver and scholarship provided to the students :

  • 1. Full free studentships for poor but meritorious students.
  • 2. Full free studentship for Golden A+
  • 3. 50% waiver on tuition fees for A+
  • 4. 30% waiver for the wards of Freedom Fighter.
  • 5. 50% waiver for the wards of Teachers.
  • 6. 20% waiver for the rural students.

Laptop/Tab For Students