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Dr. Anupam Sen

I am very glad to hear that a college named South Asian Coll...

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Prof. Abu Bakr Siddique, FCMA

Chittagong is a place of long history and heritage. In spite of having a great contribution in the e...

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Md. Didarul Alam

I, who have already spent a large scale of time including fo...

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An innovative process of technology based education.

No Private Tuition

Private tuition is a disease in our country. Discouraging private tuition is our main motto, To get rid of this disease we have introduced Method-69, implementation of which can put to an end to this ill practice.

Basic Class :

Every teacher conducts the class using PowerPoint, Animation, Video, Puzzles, Games etc. The student knows and tries to learn everything attending the basic class.

Video Class :

South Asian College Chittagong provides the video of the important lectures. The students may watch the video lecture and review the lecture.

Pair Work or Group Work

Pair work or Group Work is the most important part in the classrooms. We have started pair work and group work in the classroom systematically. The students share their problems and discuss the topic with one another.

Feedback Class :

After completing the three stages, the teacher conducts feedback class. The students answer the question of the teacher about what they have learnt from the previous class.

Presentation Class :

Now the students participate in the presentation class. Every student participates and delivers the lecture. The teacher only monitors the class.After passing all the stages mentioned above, the students appear in the exam.

Laptop/Tab For Students